underlying beliefs

My design philosophy is rooted in a number of underlying beliefs. Among them,
  1. that all forms of life and society are dependent upon — and moreover, active participants in — the Earth's ecosystems;
  2. that human activity is causing rapid and unpredictable change to the natural environment, and that this change ultimately comes at an unacceptably high price to humanity; more >>

a sustainable society

What is sustainability? While this concept is at the core of my design and research, I can only offer a working definition. This is no accident: the working is as crucial as the definition. This is because the way we define sustainability determines our approach. more >>

can design change the world?

No single thing has ever resulted in large-scale social change. Change comes from the interaction of innumerable individuals, disciplines, and institutions in ways that are anything but linear. But the design of the built environment has an important role to play. more >>

nature's design principles

In nature there is no distinction between form and function, between performance and beauty, between the mundane and the sublime. Nature shows these dualities to be false. Architecture, too, can be both precise and lyrical, sustainable and sensuous, Apollonian and Dionysian. more >>

design + research

Research, rooted in the scientific method, provides a methodology for analyzing and understanding our world in a replicable, rational way. Design, rooted in creativity and imagination, is a process for solving problems with elegance and beauty. Both are required to meet the challenges of contemporary society. more >>

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