Meadow Farm - William McDonough + Partners

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Status: Under construction; estimated completion in spring 2012.
Team: William McDonough + Partners, architect; Bernard Trainor Associates, Landscape; Carla Carstens, Interior Design; Tipping Mar + Associates, Structural; Timmons Design Engineers, MEP; Sherwood Design Engineers, Civil; Horton Lees Brogden, Lighting
Images credits: Of the images above, I was primarily responsible for #4 (site plan) and #6 (sustainability diagrams). All images copyright William McDonough + Partners.

A net-positive energy residence and small organic farm.

I was a core member of the project team from day one through the beginning of construction administration. I served a variety of roles, including coordinating the LEED certification of this LEED Platinum targeted project.

The following description is from William McDonough + Partners' website. For more information on this project, please visit their website, here.

The clients asked the design team to collaborate in developing their vision of a small organic farm. The resultant site design transitions from a cultivated landscape of orchards, gardens and farming towards a restored native ecology of meadow grasses and coastal live oaks. Intentionally, the interwoven site and architectural design celebrate the native California landscape and a deep connection to place. The main house, located at the intersection of structured and native landscape, is a series of pavilions with rolling zinc roofs that echo waves and wind patterns coming off the ocean just visible from the property. Striated color patterns in rammed earth walls extrapolate the gentle curve of existing site topography. The farm will be a net energy exporter and includes comprehensive rainwater and graywater harvesting. The project is on target to receive LEED Platinum certification and is a pilot project in the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES).

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